Amount of time: 15 min + 5 min for discussion.
Languages: German or English.
The contributions are going to be published in a suitable form with ISBN number. You can either submit an abridged (of 1-2 A4- pages) or a full version (down to a maximum of 12 pages).
Contributions ought to be submitted as pdf-file by e-mail or on a disc/ CD on schedule. They should be arranged in accordance with the prototypes listed below for Word as well as Latex. Slides can be published, provided that they are put at our disposal fulfilling the following conditions: not more than 12 pages (A4), pdf-file, two-page, and without paging.

Here you can either upload your presentation/abstract ("name_company"=filename) to be held at AUTSYM 2017 or you can leave a message for the AUTSYM-Team.

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file types allowed: doc,pdf,txt,jpg,tex,ppt
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